The island of Djerba, from October 15 – 17, will host the long awaited 2015 edition of Djerba FEST. A novel experience that allows you to discover the beauty of this region while enjoying concerts and music. But for the organizers of Djerba FEST, it is before all else, the human experience which prevails, with a public who should be counted in thousands, all gathered in a good mood and to set the fire!

The island in a different light…

In the space of 3 days and 3 nights, this gentle island transforms and metamorphoses to offer you a unique experience with electronic sound! Artists from all corners of the world are expected to cover 3 stages with different musical atmospheres that also will allow you to discover the charms of this small corner of paradise:

  • A pop stage located in the heart of the medina of Djerba, in the Houmt el Souk district, with free concerts for the general public
  • A chill stage by the sea that will have you dancing to electro waves of the Mediterranean
  • A main stage, sheltered by an island of 20,000m² of greenery, which will offer a rich program for a unique experience.

Citizen Visitors

The environmental cause is also important and there is no question of leaving the scene with garbage at the end of the festival. Local associations and teams of volunteers will take part in the process of cleaning up the sites and awareness of the festival goers. An excellent way to remind participants of the importance of preserving the earth and clean the outside!