Tunisia is a treasure of traditions! Often it is limited to its crafts, its cakes … yet the richness of its heritage makes it a true richness to discover. Often forgotten, or poorly presented, this region deserves to regain its letter of nobility. This is the subject of various events of MAHLEHA TOUNES, the last of which was held, Sunday, October 4, 2015.

A radiant Tunisia at the Acropolium

In the space of a day, visitors are able to take advantage of 1000 square meters in the Carthage Acropolium, to see Tunisia at its best! Room for creativity, craftsmanship and innovation to find a rare gem that beautifies your home! There is also a small allocation to splurge with Tunisian specialities and local preparations.

How the MAHLAHA TOUNES concept is born

Tunisia was bruised after the attack at Bardo and needed to stand up; an idea is born! To reinvent Tunisia, to show it as beautiful and as resplendent, to remember all these most profound riches! Tunisia has long been synonymous with friendliness, ‘joie de vivre’ and tolerance and it is through this kind of organization that all this common wealth can be found!