Bathed in sun and offering most fertile lands, Tunisia today is an agricultural country of excellence! It is therefore natural that it offers us succulent fruit and vegetables packed with blessings and sunshine. The city of Ouchtata hosts the festival of persimmon, this fruit of special flavors, with the 2nd edition of the Festival of Kaki, which will take place from the October 3, 2015 up until the month of February 2016, in the town of Ouchtata.

Highlighting this forgotten fruit

The persimmon is the flagship product of the Ouchtata region; therefore, the ‘Omar Ben Abdelaziz’ House of Culture is organizing, for the second consecutive year, this festival dedicated to persimmon. We can taste the delicious recipes of persimmon and its derivatives, but also party with various musical entertainment.

Dates to remember

The 2nd edition will continue until February 2016. But through today, here are the major events that have been unveiled:

  • October 10: Presentation of the persimmon and its derivatives. The event will take place in the commercial center of the city;
  • November 5: Conference for the cultivation persimmon trees at the Nefza House of Culture;
  • November 15: Realization of a persimmon prototype and distribution of plants;
  • November 26: Conference for the nutritional value of persimmon, presented by a nutrition specialist

By December, it will be possible to follow the culture of the persimmon and participate in workshops. We welcome this event which allows us to discover a forgotten region that is very rich, both culturally and environmentally. A small getaway to Nefza will leave you breathless with emotion!