It is a symbol, a message of struggle and resistance… The last selection of the Goncourt Prize will take place at the Bardo Museum, in Tunis, where the attack of March 2015, which has many victims, has plunged the whole country and all the countries into a fight against terrorism.

The final selection of works selected for the Goncourt Prize will be announced on October 27th from the Bardo Museum in Tunis. The Goncourt Academy sends a powerful message of resistance but also of solidarity.

Among the 15 literary works selected on September 3rd, we find the French novelist born in Tunisia, Hedi Kaddour, but also the Algerian, Boualem Sansal, with his work, 2084. At the conclusion of this final selection, only 4 books will remain in competition. Remember that Tunisia attaches great importance to the francophone literature with writers Tunisians recognized.

After Beirut, Tunis…

This is not the first time that the ultimate selection of the Goncourt Prize has gone outside the box. In 2012, this selection was held in Beirut. But this time, the third and last selection of the jury of the prestigious French literary is a power symbol of resistance!

Tunisia, the culture… A symbol!

The terrorist act that befell the Bardo Museum was also an act against art and culture. Tunisia is today, a destination rich in heritage and history that unveils inestimable wealth. In the Medina of Tunis, there is an entire street, Rue Dabbaghine, which welcomes booksellers, a real museum with very beautiful literary pieces. A collective, organized elsewhere and housed in small breaks in the narrow streets of the Medina, who will end up at a bookseller to buy a book or two and make live these disappearing trades.