The feasts in Tunisia are gourmet and the Mouled holiday will not be an exception! The Mouled holiday represents the celebration of the birth of the prophet (570 A.D.).  Every year, the date changes and advances about 10 days, in accordance with the lunar months. If you are visiting Tunisia during this period, it should be around December 23, 2015; it is a good opportunity to discover the charm of the tradition.

We sing!

On this day many traditions persist, to the delight of young and old. There is for example, different songs and invocations at the Zitouna Mosque, located in the Medina of Tunis. In reality, it is a gathering to sing in joy, the birth of the prophet. Quite spectacular, a visit to the medina on this occasion, is steeped in enchanted traditional notes!

We enjoy!

On this day, we prepare a festive dish. Depending on the region, the dish may change slightly but Assida is always there. Families go to their neighbors and the women, with their mother and mother-in-law, offer the famous Assida Zgougou or White Assida prepared with semolina. Each party in Tunisia is the opportunity to get together with family and share dishes, moments of conviviality. Some Tunisian cuisine restaurants offer assida zgougou in their dessert menu all year long, if you want to taste it.