The Hammam is a well-established tradition among Tunisians. The Turkish or Moorish bath appeared a long time ago, when there was no way to wash at home. And today, despite the presence of all the amenities in homes, Tunisians are not ready to abandon this tradition which is so dear!

The hammam, the whole ritual

Women and men do not mix. In general, it is open for the men in the morning and the afternoon is reserved for women. You can visit with just a small suitcase or a bag, because it is completely equipped: the famous fouta, the soap, the pail, the comb…

It begins with the warmest room to sweat and then a massage, which is a bit rough, to remove dead skin and rid the skin of impurities. For this, there is a person who rubs your whole body. It’s called the ‘tayab’ or the ‘harza’. It is common for this person to make friction with a glove, a ‘kessa’. To finish it all in style, people use traditional fouta to cover themselves. This tradition also persists!

The Hammam experience

Today there are beautiful hammams in Tunisia, which are true work of art. Their visit is a time of rest and relaxation but also a trip deep into the customs of Tunisia!