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TRavel Guide

Time difference

Tunisia is in the GMT+ 1 time zone.


The Tunisian Dinar is divided into 1000 millimes. There are 5-, 10-, 20- and 50-Dinar notes. It is not possible to exchange Dinars outside Tunisia. When you arrive at the airport, please remember to exchange or withdraw a minimum amount of money which you can use to pay for the car park, fill up with petrol and pay the motorway tolls if you opt for a trip including car hire, or simply to pay for your taxi if you choose a holiday offering complete freedom.
Payment by bank card is widely accepted and cash dispensers can easily be found in the major towns.


220 Volts. The sockets are identical to European sockets.


All museums close on Mondays, but you should routinely check by telephone on a case by case basis.
Sunday is a non-working day but many shops still open in the tourist areas.
Public authorities and sites change their opening hours according to the time of year. In July and August and during the month of Ramadan, they work for a single session in the morning (from 07.30am to 14.30pm).


The international daily newspapers are distributed in the principle tourist centres with a 24-hour delay. “La Presse” is the daily French-speaking national paper out of around a dozen daily and weekly papers in French or in Arabic.


To telephone Tunisia, dial 00216.
When you arrive at the airport, we advise you to purchase a telephone smart card from one of the local telephone operators in order to have 3G internet access and to be able to make local telephone calls more cheaply. These telephone smart cards can easily be topped up via prepaid cards which can be bought from newspaper/tobacco vendors. 3G will also enable you to have access to maps via Google Maps which can be very useful when hiring a car.


Wifi and internet access are available in most hotels and cafés.