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1.1. Tailor-Made Journeys

At Dar To Dar, we create journeys according to your individual needs and wishes, making available to you a wide range of theme-based brochures for inspiration, suggested itineraries and budget estimates. To obtain your personalized travel program, direct your request by email to one of our agencies, or simply go to www.dartodar.travel clicking “Your Tailor-Made Trip”. A Dar To Dar specialist consultant will respond to your request with a quote via email generally within 48 hours. Included in the quote will be the expiration date of your quote, your personalized travel itinerary, a fixed and definite price, and all the expenses, taxes and services pertaining to your trip with the exception of any unforeseen adjustments to the budget as outlined in item 7 ‘Prices’, listed below. Should your quote expire, Dar To Dar will reissue a new quote as components of your tailor-made journey, notably the prices, may have changed. To accept the quote and confirm your booking, you can simply confirm your reservation by email.

1.2. Booking

A booking is considered fixed and final when Dar To Dar has received a confirmation email of the reservation.

1.3 – Payment Process

1.3.1. For bookings made more than 60 days from the date of departure, 35% of the total amount owing is required in order to secure the booking. For bookings made less than 60 days from the date of departure, the total amount owing for the trip must be paid in full in order to secure the booking.

  • All bookings made less than 5 days from the date of departure will incur a 50€ urgency surcharge per dossier.
  • An early departure or an extension of stay is possible for all Dar To Dar customers. A 150€ surcharge per person plus the cost of any additional services will be charged for all modifications made after the booking has been finalized.
  • Constructing a tailor-made journey necessitates a large amount of meticulous work by the Dar To Dar specialist consultants. Each quote will incur a 50€ administration charge which is in turn deducted from the booking deposit.
  • Purchasing internal flights without ground travel and/or international flights incurs a 50€ surcharge per person.
  • Dar To Dar can offer and reserve hotels not currently featured within the Dar To Dar brochures, on www. dartodar.travel or in other supporting materials. External suppliers may charge a booking fee between 15€ and 80€ per person which will be added to the final price of the accommodation.

1.3.2. For all bookings made less than 60 days from the date of departure, payments of the deposit, balance or total can be made either:

  • In person at a Dar To Dar agency by credit card or cash
  • Or online payment

1.3.3. Dar To Dar will issue a receipt no later than 8 days after the payment of the deposit or total amount owing, as the case may be. The receipt will include the name of your specialist consultant who will remain at your disposal until your departure. Please note the balance must be paid within 60 days from the date of your departure. Any delay in payment may be considered a cancellation for which a cancellation fee may apply (see item 4 below).


2.1 – Administrative and Health Information

Before finalizing your booking please ensure that each passenger, depending on their personal circumstances and nationality, is in possession of a valid passport or national identity card (CNI) as the case may be, to be used for the purpose of their travel, plus any other required documents (visa, ETSA visa waiver, family book, permission to leave the country…) and comply with all transit and/ or entry requirements for the countries included in their trip. Some countries and airlines have implemented new policies (including when requesting a quote and/or booking); therefore, you must now submit to Dar To Dar:

  • Your name, surname and date of birth as it is written on your passport or national identity card (depending on your nationality and the destination) that you will be using during your travel and to complete transit permission forms and/or entry documents (visas, ETSA….).
  • The gender of each passenger travelling including for children and babies: male (M) or female (F).

Warning: you must provide the same information (name, surname, date of birth and gender) on all documents required for the completion of your trip. Dar To Dar recommand to verify all administrative and health requirements with the relavant embassie and/or consular authorities before embarking on their trip. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all their documents (including all administrative and health documents) required for their journey are consistent with the information they have given to Dar To Dar. It is strongly recommended that clients confirm all information given to the authorities concerned. Dar To Dar will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the consequences of the failure by a client to follow the police, customs or health regulations of the visited or transited country prior to and during their trip. A client who is not permitted to board a flight due to failing to present the required documents listed on the booking form will not have the right to claim reimbursement from Dar To Dar


Adjustments made to a booking after the booking form has been signed and before the tickets have been issued will incur a surcharge of 5% of the total cost of the changed components, with a 50€ minimum charge per booking. Any changes to air or ground services or any request to change the client’s name, or part thereof, after the ticket has been issued shall be regarded as a cancellation and re-booking will be required. Cancellation fees may be applied as outlined in item 4.


If it is necessary for a client to cancel their trip, the client must inform Dar To Dar and their insurer by any means possible, as soon as possible, after the event causing the cancellation takes place and obtain written acknowledgement of this communication. The date of the initial written correspondence with Dar To Dar regarding the matter will be the date applied to the calculation of the cancellation fee. We draw your attention to the fact that it is the insurance company who assesses the case and reimburses the cancellation fee based on the documents provided directly to the insurance company by the client and the date of the client’s decision to cancel the trip.

4.1. Fee Schedule for a complete cancellation, except for special cases (see item 4.3)

  • More than 60 days prior to departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip with a minimum of 300€ per person.
  • 60 to 31 days prior to departure: 75% of the total cost of the trip with a minimum of 500€ per person.
  • Less than 30 days prior to departure: 100% of the total cost of the trip.

Fee schedule for partial cancellation, except for special cases (see 4.3)

If one or more clients listed on the same booking form cancel their trip, which is continued by the other participants :

  • PFor individual services (unshared) : the scale of cancellation charges referred above (4.1) will be calculated, for the client(s) cancelling their trip, on the costs of the individual services (flights tickets…) not already consumed on the date of cancellation;
  • For shared services: 100% costs, whatever the date of cancellation, will be charged to client(s) cancelling their participation to the trip on the proportionate individual share of the costs of the shared services (rental of a vehicle…).
    In the case of a cancellation, Dar To Dar asks that each client returns all the flight tickets already issued to them, without delay, except for electronic tickets.

4.3. Cas particuliers :

  • 100% cancellation fees may be applied upon registration on cruises and / or certain hotels.
  • 100% cancellation fee for all tickets issued from the date of registration.
  • Dar To Dar may offer the customer exceptional products due in particular to advantageous pricing, or important events (high tourist season) or for other reasons which may lead to changes in the scale of cancellation fees. The cancellation fees that will apply will be indicated on your quote. The other provisions hereof will continue to apply.
  • When several clients have registered on the same file and one of them cancels his trip, the cancellation fees are deducted from the sums collected by Dar To Dar for this file, regardless of the author of the payment.
  • In the event of cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, the costs outside the trip taken out with Dar To Dar and incurred by the customer such as, transport costs to the place of departure of the trip and return home, travel expenses. Obtaining visas, travel documents, vaccination costs cannot be reimbursed in any way.

5.1 – Airlines

Dar To Dar will specify the name of the airline you will be flying with, as it is known at the time of booking. Dar To Dar is committed to keeping you informed of any changes to the identity of the airline as soon as they become aware.
Airlines do not refund fuel extra charged on non-refundable air tickets.

5.1 – Airlines: Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions The terms & conditions of the airline you will be flying with can be accessed from their website or upon request. According to the Warsaw Convention, any airline can implement changes to their flights without notice including: scheduling, routing and the chosen departure and arrival airports. In the event that an airline implements flight changes, generally due to technical incidents, policies outside of Dar To Dar, delays, cancellations, strikes outside of Dar To Dar, additional stops, equipment replacement, flight path changes, political events, or weather conditions, and the client decides to cancel their trip, the cancellation fees outlined in item 4 above will apply. Dar To Dar will not reimburse any additional expenses incurred as a result (such as taxis, hotels, transport, catering…) as the client will be under the responsibility of the airline at this time. In the case of a flight delay, damages to or the loss of luggage, denied boarding (due to overbooking) and/or a flight cancellation by the airline, we recommend that passengers exercise their rights face to face with the airline and retain all relevant, original documents (tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags and others). In the case of denied boarding (due to overbooking) or a flight cancellation, we recommend appealing to the airline in writing with supporting evidence. It is vital that the passenger corresponds with the airline as soon as possible due to the tight deadlines imposed on claims and includes copies of all supporting documents (retaining the originals). Customer Service at Dar To Dar can intervene with airlines to assist clients in the resolution of such claims.

5.3 – Transportation to your point of departure and from your arrival home

If you choose to arrange your own transportation and services to the point of your departure and from the place of your arrival home (train, car service, accommodation…), we recommend you organize flexible or refundable arrangements. In the event of an act of God, an unpredictable and insurmountable event, or if the services organized by Dar To Dar are modified directly by the client, Dar To Dar will not reimburse any additional costs incurred.


Booking forms for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and marked ‘consent of the father, mother or guardian’. Minors who are not travelling with their parents or a guardian must be, depending on the destination(s) of the trip, in possession of proof of their length of stay abroad, identity documents as required for the trip (national identity card or passport as the case may be) and a phone number and address for direct contact with the child or person/s responsible for the child during the trip. For minors travelling with one parent, a guardian or another adult, those responsible for the child must be in possession of all the documents needed for the minor travelling with them (national identity card or passport and, if necessary, authorization to leave the country) in order to ensure the child is granted permission to depart.


Upon signing the Dar To Dar booking form, the price is firm, final and in euros. Dar To Dar may be forced to modify pricing and itineraries, within the law, to take into account:

  • Variations in transport costs particularly related to fuel costs.
  • Changes to levies and taxes relating to the services provided such as landing taxes and embarkation and disembarkation levies. If price changes are made due to reasons mentioned above, Dar To Dar agrees to inform the client by post no later than 30 days before the departure date. If one or more confirmed clients from the same booking form cancel their trip, the trip can still proceed when the group has paid, before their departure, the additional cost of the services that had to be modified due to the cancellation by the client/ clients. Any refusal by clients to accept this adjustment will be considered a cancellation and the scale of cancellation fees (as mentioned in item 4 above) will apply.

8.1 Unused/changed services

Services modified by the client at the destination are subject to the terms and conditions of the local provider. Additional services or replacement services resulting in an additional cost must be paid directly and are not in any way the responsibility of Dar To Dar. Services not used at the destination (transfers, excursions, accommodation…) will not be refunded.


Dar To Dar cannot be held liable for the consequences of the following events:

  • Lost or stolen tickets (airlines will not issue duplicates.
  • The failure to submit identity and/or health documents, invalid documents (identity cards, passports, visas, vaccination certificates…), a failure to comply with set formalities (including the recommendations outlined in item 2), or a failure to follow police or customs regulations. In the case of a failure to check-in (including a failure to arrive to the boarding gate on time), 100% of the total cost of the trip will be retained.
  • Incidents or unforeseeable and insurmountable events caused by a third party outside Dar To Dar such as: war, political unrest, strikes outside of Dar To Dar, technical incidents beyond the control of Dar To Dar, airspace constraints, adverse weather conditions, delays (including delays in postage services for the transportation of travel documents), mechanical problems, and the loss or theft of baggage or other effects. Delays originating from the reasons specified above, as well as possible route changes as a result, will not warrant any compensation whatsoever, including due to a change in the length of the original program or a delay in correspondence. Additional costs as a result of the disturbance (such as taxes, hotels, cars…) are to be paid by the client.
  • In the case of a cancellation due to an act of God, client safety concerns and/or by order of an administrative authority, Dar To Dar reserves the right to change dates, times and routes if they consider that the client’s safety may be compromised.

As a client, your complaint must be directed in writing to Dar To Dar – Customer Service – Avenue Farhat Hached impasse 7, 8000 Nabeul – TUNISIE as soon as possible after your return, accompanied by supporting


You have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data held by Dar To Dar. This data is for the
use of Dar To Dar and may be disclosed to third parties. To exercise your rights or if you do not wish your personal data to be disclosed, please contact Dar To Dar – Customer Service – Avenue Farhat Hached impasse 7, 8000 Nabeul – TUNISIE.

Terms and Conditions of Sales updated August 7, 2021.

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