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From the Medina of Tunis to the cliffs of El Haouaria

From the Medina of Tunis to the cliffs of El Haouaria – a 9-day Land Rover trip


From medina to medina, from guest house to charming hotel, from town to countryside towards the cliffs and the Mediterranean !



With the mysteries of the Medina of Tunis, the little-known beauty of the Berber village of Takrouna, the flavours and chic craftsmanship of Nabeul, unspoilt Cap Bon and the fauna and flora of its cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, there is so much to discover on this enchanting trip. Aboard your Land Rover, you will be able to perceive Tunisia in comfort and stay in the most beautiful guest houses in the country. Charm, generosity, wellbeing and sharing.


Private transfer upon arrival at the airport and stay 2 nights in the Medina of Tunis in a historic 17th century residence, “Dar Ben Gacem”.


In the company of an urban architect and enthusiastic author, you will explore the capital: the secret establishments in the Medina and also modern Tunis and its Art Nouveau. The Medina has the ability to transport you to a unique world that stimulates all your senses. Enter the doors of 17th century palaces, roam the narrow, winding streets, discover the Tunis of days gone by and take the pulse of the modern Tunis in the Central Market, a series of covered halls where all the locals come together to do their shopping amid the joyful shouts of the greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, and other traders.


Depart Tunis for the historic city of Kairouan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On the way, explore the Berber village of Takrouna, perched at the top of a rocky peak, and the town of Sousse, known as the jewel of the Sahel. Visit the archaeological museum of Sousse, its magnificent Roman mosaics in the “floral style” and its delightful, winding medina.

A few kilometres away is Monastir, a fortress town which benefited greatly from the good deeds of its supreme fighter, the former president Habib Bourguiba, who is today at rest in his mausoleum under a golden dome. Nearby is the ribat of Monastir, the first link in the chain of maritime fortresses dotted along the coasts of the Maghreb.

In the evening, stay at the hotel “La Kasbah” in Kairouan.


Depart for Nabeul and stay 2 nights at “Dar Sabri”. This guest house nestling in the heart of the Medina of Nabeul is a haven of peace, coolness and calmness for the passing visitor.  The swimming pool, the solarium, the hammam and the exquisitely decorated bedrooms exude an aura of relaxation.


During this day of discovery in Nabeul, your guide-historian will teach you a lot about the history of the town and the coexistence of its Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Meanwhile, the archaeological site of Néapolis, situated along the coast, and the archaeological museum of Nabeul testify to the Roman past.


Depart for El Haouaria at the tip of the Cap Bon peninsula and stay 2 nights at the “Villa Zembra” guest house. You will travel across one of the most beautiful regions in the country, Cap Bon, with its citrus crops, its sandy beaches and its unspoilt creeks.


A walk in the mountain overlooking the sea, the jbel El Haouaria. Your day begins with a breakfast where you can try out some regional products before trekking along the paths of the El Haouaria mountain. Your nature guide will tell you about the ecological importance of the region.  The scent of thyme, rosemary and heather fill the air and, depending on the season, you can observe the migrations of numerous species of birds.

Lunch takes place in a hut that is mostly open to the surrounding countryside. And the day ends delightfully with an exploration of a forest of centuries-old olive trees.


Depart El Haouaria for Sidi Bou Saïd and stay at “La Villa Bleue”.


Private transfer to the airport and return flight.


  • 9days/8nights – flights not included
  • Transfer for each stage by Land Rover with chauffeur.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in guest houses and hotels.
  • Accompanied tour of the Medina of Tunis and modern Tunis.
  • Visit to Nabeul on Cap Bon.
  • Culinary nature hike on the mountain of El Haouaria.
  • Entry to sites and museums.
  • Your accommodation in designer hotels or typical guest houses
  • exploring the history of Tunisia while never being far from the sea
  • mountain-biking along the coast of El Haouaria
  • the stunning view from your suite in Sidi Bou Saïd, and much more.

Lunch meeting with a Tunisian personality

As the initiator of the “Arab spring”, Tunisia was the impetus for the revolutions in the region. The country has always differentiated itself through its openness and its aspiration for democracy. In this exceptional politico-historical context, we can organise for you a lunch or dinner with Tunisians who are at the heart of the current changes: artists, intellectuals, campaigners, business leaders or mere employees who also happen to be players in civil society. You will have an amazing opportunity to exchange views with them and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing Tunisian society, away from the clichés and closer to the facts. This meeting will also allow you to find out more about the traditions, the cuisine and the local culture.

Boat trip, Tunisia from the sea 

The Tunisian beaches are often very busy in summer so why not escape for a while! An unspoilt creek at the foot of Korbous mountain, a short hike and a table laid just for you beside the beach. Everything is laid on for an amazing day: a swim in the crystal waters, a mud bath in the local hot springs and, of course, a rustic seafood banquet.  Even the return journey to the port of Sidi Bou Saïd at sunset extends this magical experience.