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The whole of Tunisia, nothing but Tunisia!

The whole of Tunisia, nothing but Tunisia!


After this 15-day itinerary, you will be a Tunisia expert !   




From the deep forests of Kroumirie to the sandy desert and the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological sites, you will travel right across the country, staying in our charming “Dars”, enjoying regional dishes and living to the beat of the country


Private transfer upon arrival at the airport and stay 2 nights in the Medina of Tunis in a historic 17th century residence, “Dar Ben Gacem”.



In the company of an urban architect and enthusiastic author, you will explore the capital: the secret establishments in the Medina and also modern Tunis and its Art Nouveau. The Medina has the ability to transport you to a unique world that stimulates all your senses. Enter the doors of 17th century palaces, roam the narrow, winding streets, discover the Tunis of days gone by and take the pulse of the modern Tunis in the Central Market, a series of covered halls where all the locals come together to do their shopping amid the joyful shouts of the greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, and other traders.



Depart for the town of El Kef and stay at “Dar Chennoufi”. A family farm converted into a charming residence situated in the kingdom of Jughurta, “Dar Chennoufi” welcomes its guests in a friendly and authentic atmosphere in the middle of a six-hectare olive grove.

Visit the Medina of El Kef, one of the most secret and authentic in the country. As a crossroads of civilisations, it will amaze you with its authenticity and its gentle way of life. Standing side-by-side are the monuments that are heirs to the peoples who have created the town throughout history:  mosques, synagogue, zaouïas (Islamic religious schools), Christian basilica, Roman baths, 17th century fortress built on top of the ancient fortress, etc.



In the heart of the Tunisian countryside, only a few kilometres from the Algerian border and far away from the popular tourist routes, you will be beguiled by the natural site known as La Table de Jugurtha. This unusual table-shaped plateau, which gives it its name, has been an impregnable defensive position throughout history.



Depart for Tozeur and stay at “Dar Saida Beya”, a traditional residence in the heart of the Medina of Tozeur and a short distance from the palm grove.



Explore the mountain oases at the end of the Atlas mountain range – Chebika, Tamerza and Midès – and have a rustic picnic at one of them (à la carte).

The mountain oases are true havens of coolness in the heart of the arid landscapes of this region. They contain fresh water springs which nurture a specific range of fauna and flora.  The sleepy Berber village of Tamerza, the lush bower of Chebika and the canyon of Midès, which was the setting for the film “The English Patient”, will certainly transport you to another world.



Depart for the region of Matmata, known for its troglodyte dwellings. On the way, you can admire the desert landscapes of the Chott el Jerid salt plain, and visit the towns of Douz and Chenini and the hill-top Berber village of Tamezret and its museum of Berber arts and traditions, whose curator will be your host.

Stay a single night in a troglodyte guest house called “Trait d’Union”.



Depart for the historic town of Kairouan, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and stay at the hotel “La Kasbah”. This hotel, situated in the heart of the holy city of Kairouan and only a few metres from the historic El Okba mosque, is based on the Arab-Muslim architecture of the town.  The hotel, which was constructed very recently, incorporates certain ancient wings which have been restored, such as the exceptionally beautiful Moorish café.



Depart Kairouan for Nabeul and stay 3 nights at “Dar Sabri”. This guest house nestling in the heart of the Medina of Nabeul is a haven of peace, coolness and calmness for the passing visitor.  The pool, the solarium and the hammam exude an aura of relaxation while the evening continues delightfully on the central patio amid the dancing shadows given off by the candles.

On the way, visit the Roman amphitheatre of El Jem, an exceptional example of Roman architecture in Africa, and the Berber village of Takrouna, perched on the summit of a rocky peak.


DAY 10

During this day of discovery, your guide-historian will teach you a lot about the town of Nabeul and the coexistence of its Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.  Meanwhile, the archaeological site of Néapolis, situated along the coast, and the archaeological museum of Nabeul testify to the Roman past.


DAY 11

Explore Nabeul and its region at your own pace and unwind at “Dar Sabri” with a hammam and relaxing massage.

Not to be missed: the pottery, embroidery, work with natural fibres and other crafts to be found in Nabeul; visiting Hammamet.

Dinner at “Dar Sabri”.


DAY 12

Depart for El Haouaria at the tip of the Cap Bon peninsula and stay at “Dar Enesma”. “Dar Enesma” is the fulfilment of a dream for its hosts: simplicity, generosity and sharing. It is the cultural identity of El Haouaria: the wind, the sea, the mountaintops and the creeks, and the entire Mediterranean way of life, the weather, the gentleness of the sun and the flavours.


DAY 13

Explore the region of Cap Bon from the sea aboard a motor boat chartered specially for you. Play at Robinson Crusoe in the still unspoilt creeks and bathe in a turquoise sea before enjoying a seafood picnic (grilled fish, sea urchins, etc.). A day of real relaxation (à la carte).


DAY 14

Depart for Tunis and stay at “Dar Marsa Cubes”, a high-end residence created by the sea by the famous Franco-Tunisian architect Olivier-Clément Cacoub. “Dar Marsa Cube” is ideally situated in the smart district of La Marsa, a few minutes from the village of Sidi Bou Saïd, the site of Carthage and the cosmopolitan district of La Marsa. The residence is also a 2-minute walk to the beach.


DAY 15

Private transfer to the airport and return flight.


  • 15days/14nights – flights not included
  • Tour by private Land Rover with chauffeur.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in guest houses and half-board at the “Trait d’Union” and “Dar Chennoufi”.
  • Tour of the Medina of Tunis with our guide, an author and urban architect.
  • The museum of Berber arts and traditions in Tamezret.
  • A day exploring the town of Nabeul with our guide-historian.
  • The massage and hammam and the dinner at “Dar Sabri”.
  • Exploring the region of El Kef
  • playing at Robinson Crusoe in the creeks of Cap Bon
  • exploring the Medina of Tunis
  • picnicking in the mountain oases at the end of the Atlas mountain range.

Tunisian cookery lesson

Tunisian cuisine contains the blend of peoples that constitute its history: from Berber semolina to Jewish tagines, Andalusian pastries delicately flavoured with flower water and subtly spiced Spanish stews. We invite you to explore this cuisine and create an entire menu before tasting it in a charming residence in the heart of the Medina of Nabeul.


Lunch meeting with a Tunisian personality

As the initiator of the “Arab spring”, Tunisia was the impetus for the revolutions in the region. The country has always differentiated itself through its openness and its aspiration for democracy. In this exceptional politico-historical context, we can organise for you a lunch or dinner with Tunisians who are at the heart of the current changes: artists, intellectuals, campaigners, business leaders or mere employees who also happen to be players in civil society. You will have an amazing opportunity to exchange views with them and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing Tunisian society, away from the clichés and closer to the facts. This meeting will also allow you to find out more about the traditions, the cuisine and the local culture.


Picnic in a mountain oasis

In Tamerza or Midès, we can offer you a picnic in the middle of a mountain oasis. The gentle lapping of the spring water, mergoum carpets on the ground and a freshly prepared artisan wicker basket deliciously garnished with seasonal fruits and home-made sandwiches with traditional tabouna bread made from fine semolina baked in a wood-fire oven.  The day continues with a guided walk in the Midès canyon and a visit to the mountain oases: magnificent landscapes to explore.


Boat trip and snorkelling

Explore the region of Cap Bon from the sea aboard a motor boat chartered specially for you. Play at Robinson Crusoe in the still unspoilt creeks and bathe in a turquoise sea before having a seafood picnic (grilled fish, sea urchins). A day of real relaxation.