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The Tunisian desert from west to east

The Tunisian desert from west to east


An 8-day trip tracing the course of the sun and travelling across southern Tunisia from sandy desert to rocky desert. 



Enjoy a mint tea overlooking the palm grove of Nefta or the traditional tabouna bread in a troglodyte dwelling in Matmata, explore the oases of Chebika, Tamerza and Midès, nestling in the heart of the end of the Atlas mountain range and then stay in cabins in the trees in Tozeur, admire the sunset across the vastness of the Sahara: this itinerary offers all this and more.


Private transfer upon arrival at the airport and stay at “Dar Hi” for 3 nights. Designed and created by the international designer Matali Crasset, “Dar Hi” is a unique concept hotel which overlooks the palm grove of Nefta and the desert.


On offer is an exploration of the canyons carved by the Selja wadi and its magnificent viewpoints aboard the historic miniature train known as the “Lézard Rouge”. Admire the arid landscapes and let yourself be lulled for an hour and a half by the rolling motion of this ancient train, formerly owned by the Bey of Tunis, which has been completely restored and equipped as a miniature tourist train.


Explore the mountain oases at the end of the Atlas mountain range – Chebika, Tamerza and Midès – and enjoy a rustic picnic at one of them (à la carte).

The mountain oases are true havens of coolness in the heart of the arid landscapes of this region. They contain fresh water springs which nurture a specific range of fauna and flora. The sleepy Berber village of Tamerza, the lush bower of Chebika and the canyon of Midès, which was the setting for the film “The English Patient”, will certainly transport you to another world.


Depart for the Saharan village of Tozeur and stay at the hotel “Dar Abou Habibi”. The Saharan lodges of “Diar Abou Habibi” are designed in the form of cabins perched up in the palm trees and built on stilts in the middle of the palm grove of Tozeur. A real change of scene!


Depart for the region of Matmata, known for its troglodyte dwellings. On the way, you can admire the desert landscapes of the Chott el Jerid salt plain, and visit the towns of Douz and Chenini and the hill-top Berber village of Tamezret and its museum of Berber arts and traditions, whose curator will be your host.

Stay a single night in a troglodyte guest house called “Trait d’Union”.


Depart for the island of Djerba and stay 2 nights at “Dar Bibine”. Your accommodation is a magnificently renovated house combining traditional Djerban architecture and sleek design.


A full-day tour of Djerba, the island with two faces.

The island of Djerba, made famous since ancient times by Homer in The Odyssey, is a multifaceted island which reveals itself gently. Its east coast has benefited from considerable tourism development along the sandy beaches that stretch from Houmt Souk to Midoun, while its west coast remains preserved and authentic. The centre of the island, meanwhile, beats to the rhythm of its inhabitants. The Djerba we invite you to discover here is an island of history, culture and traditions. Go on a tour of the island, exploring its defensive positions, or borjs, built between the 13th and 16th centuries, its traditional dwellings, or menzels, and its museum of popular arts and traditions. In between visiting two sites, enjoy some seafood in one of the small restaurants popular with the locals and allow yourself time to have a break and swim in the crystal waters. The sea is always within reach!


Private transfer to the airport and return flight.


  • 7days/6nights – flights not included
  • Tour by private Land Rover with chauffeur.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in guest houses and on an all-inclusive basis at “Dar Hi”.
  • Tour of the island of Djerba.
  • Explore the gorges of Selja in the “Le Lézard Rouge” miniature train.
  • Staying in the trees at the “Diar Abou Habibi”
  • drinking mint tea in the palm grove of Nefta in the “Dar Hi”café
  • having an aperitif at sunset on the set of Star Wars.

Picnic in a mountain oasis

In Tamerza or Midès, we can offer you a picnic in the middle of a mountain oasis. The gentle lapping of the spring water, mergoum carpets on the ground and a freshly prepared artisan wicker basket deliciously garnished with seasonal fruits and home-made sandwiches with traditional tabouna bread made from fine semolina baked in a wood-fire oven.  The day continues with a guided walk in the Midès canyon and a visit to the mountain oases: magnificent landscapes to explore.

Dinner: the flavours of “Dar Bibine”

Tunisian cuisine contains the blend of peoples that constitute its history: from Berber semolina to Jewish tagines, Andalusian pastries delicately flavoured with flower water and subtly spiced Spanish stews. We invite you to discover this reinvented and refined cuisine at a meal at “Dar Bibine”.

Travel journal in Erriadh

A day filled with art, accompanied by the painter Zied. Immerse yourself in a world of watercolours and sketches and let your imagination run free. Explore the charming village of Erriadh which is home to the Ghriba, the oldest synagogue in Africa, and visit Djerbahood, its open-air museum of urban art. There are around a hundred paintings by international artists depicting the architecture of Erriadh.

Evidence of the coexistence of the communities on the island of Djerba, the Ghriba attracts thousands of pilgrims in May each year.  This is an opportunity for the Jews on the island, who represent one of the last communities living in the Arab world, to attend numerous joyful celebrations.

Sleeping under canvas in the middle of the desert

Experience the desert in a camp set up specially for the occasion during an authentic evening and overnight stay in the Grand Erg Oriental. A unique atmosphere with all the necessary comforts.